"I’m the, young city bandit, hold myself down single-handed"

20 years of…

Get Over It: The New, New York (Part 4): The Boogie Down

fred 3

Name: Fred The Godson

Stomping Grounds: The South Bronx

Breakout Year: 2011

Standout Project: “City Of God” (2011)


I know the fans listen
From the hood to Hollywood; it’s a transition
Face under my hood, just like a transmission
Grams to ambition; I recall re’n-up and a gram missin’
Mom Christian; father was a black spade
Uncle funeral parlor cause of a black gauge
I rap, I’m paid, and they well…

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Harlem On The Rise: Smoke DZA: “Dream.Zone.Achieve” album review

Artist: Smoke DZA (A.K.A. The Kush Gawd, Mr. Rugby Thompson)

smoke 2

Project: “Dream.Zone.Achieve”


The Star: “Ghost of Dipset” (Feat. Cam’Ron)

9 mixtapes and 2 studio-albums later, A Beautiful April Fools Day in New York, marks the release of Harlem Repper Smoke DZA’s new album “Dream.Zone.Achieve”. The highs of the project go higher, than the lows go low. Mr. Rugby Thompson is able to give already…

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Harlem 2 Brooknam connection …

Retrospect In The Life: Fuck it, Just Be Honest

honest 2

For relationship’s sake: People, including myself, have underestimated the power of being honest when it comes to our love life. There’s consequences of it, depending on what you may be hiding, but it speaks to your character as a person at the end of the day. If you truly love someone, don’t use that as an excuse NOTto tell them the truth out of fear of them leaving, but use that as your…

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cur 5

Stand-out Project: “Drive-In Theatre” (2014)

download (1)

“Uh, she came first, I came last
Shiesty bitch’ll put arsenic in your glass, and
Propose a toast to the fact that you been smoked
You a dead man walking, sucker, you ain’t even know
Never let my eyes close around these hoes
But she quick to put us down on the stove, that’s for sure
Tryna work her way in, mafia ties, helicopter ride
Business meetings…

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The Thinker: Part 1: The Curse

the thinker 2

In a fast world, that provokes a living-in-the-moment impulsive lifestyle, being a thinker is a beautiful thing. It allows you to look at the world, and look at decisions in a lot of ways that the majority of people won’t take the time to. Being a thinker is really utilizing the mind for the weapon that it really is, but just like any other weapon, it could be your worst enemy as well. Something…

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"Clap on clap off, clap at his hands

Only thing he ever clapped was his hands”

Purple Haze.